Handheld Fiber Laser Marking Machine

The hand-held fiber laser marking machine can process corporate logos, food packaging date text, mobile phone shell patterns, anti-counterfeiting codes, barcodes and other information. Hand-held processing is also convenient for marking some large mechanical equipment or parts. Its laser marking The processing technology is very practical.

Handheld Fiber Laser Marking Machine

Customers can save a lot of cost when using a hand-held laser marking machine for marking processing, and obtain greater benefits with a small cost. Compared with various large-scale laser marking machines, portable laser marking machines can carry on printing. They are portable and easy to operate. They are also called handheld because of their compact and convenient operation mode. Type laser marking machine.

The handheld laser marking machine is maintenance-free. The maintenance of the machine is one of the methods to make the machine work better, and the maintenance-free feature saves customers a lot of unnecessary trouble, saves time, and indirectly improves work efficiency. The marking machine has clear and fine marking characters and low energy consumption. The portable laser marking machine acts on the material, and the processed product has a vivid and clear image, which is easily accepted by the market.

Its main feature is that it is compact and convenient. It can be hand-held for operation, and laser marking large mechanical parts in any direction; it solves the problem of laser marking of large parts. It can be widely used in large-scale equipment manufacturing industries such as: railroad tracks, wheel tyres, train manufacturing, aircraft manufacturing, hydroelectric generators, wind generators, steam turbine motors, engines, large bearings, shipbuilding, and large molds. In short, the handheld laser marking machine can flexibly process parts around.

The portable handheld laser marking machine adopts fiber laser, which is characterized by: photoelectric conversion efficiency up to 30%, good beam quality, high efficiency, long life (average life of 100,000 hours), maintenance-free, small size, no consumables, air-cooled, Low energy consumption. Operating costs are extremely low.

 With the rapid development of the manufacturing industry, the laser marking machine industry has also been driven. Laser marking technology is well-loved in all walks of life. With the continuous expansion of market demand, the functional requirements of laser marking machines in various industries are also increasing and higher.

It is characterized by its compact size, which can be put into the trunk of a car for easy handling, and it can work even in a small workshop. With the gradual popularization of laser application technology and the development and growth of related manufacturing industries, the scope of application of handheld laser marking machines has increased, and traditional production and processing industries have become more and more available.

If you need to engrave the logo of your product, use a Triumph laser marking machine.

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CO2 laser marking machine engraving bottle opener is more distinctive

When preparing to enjoy the wine, there is still a bottle opener. The bottle opener and the wine are inseparable as a whole. Just like “a good horse with a good saddle”, a good wine also needs a good corkscrew to match it, so that it will not spoil the good. Wine, know how to appreciate the beauty of a wine. The CO2 laser marking machine marks the corkscrew, which makes the traditional corkscrew radiant, icing on the cake, and matches with fine wines.

In life, guests come to prepare wine receptions, but find that they can’t find a corkscrew. The monotonous corkscrew is always easy to be forgotten in a corner. The laser marking machine gives the bottle opener a unique pattern, allowing you to identify its location from a distance, and bid farewell to the trouble of “wanting to find it”.

Triumph CO2 laser marking machine uses high-energy-density laser beams directly on various materials or products to make physical or chemical changes on the surface, thereby obtaining arbitrarily complex and clear and delicate patterns of marking. Laser marking can mark corporate information on the bottle opener. It is concise and exquisite, and will never be obliterated. It will not only help the brand communication, but also allow customers to add points to your business.

The perfect combination of practicality and design aesthetics redefines the bottle opener under the modern fashion trend. Laser marking perfectly embeds the original creativity into the bottle opener. Each exquisite pattern presents a unique texture. Choose the right wine, choose With the corkscrew, the most wonderful wine tasting journey can begin.

Triumph CO2 laser marking machine is widely used to engrave most non-metallic materials: paper, leather, wood, plastic, plexiglass, cloth, acrylic, wood, bamboo, rubber, crystal, jade, ceramics, glass and artificial stone, etc.

The CO2 laser marking machine uses a laser beam to make permanent marks on the surface of various materials. It can engrave exquisite patterns, trademarks, dates, LOGO or text. At present, CO2 laser marking machines are mainly used in some occasions requiring finer and higher precision. Used in food, medicine, wine, electronic components, integrated circuits (IC), electrical appliances, mobile communications, building materials, PVC pipes and other industries.

If you need to engrave the logo of your bottle opener, use a Triumph CO2 laser marking machine.

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fiber laser metal cutting machine manufacturer

For novices, they will have difficulties when encountering poor cutting quality, and they do not know how to adjust when faced with many parameters. The following briefly introduces the problems encountered and the solutions.

The parameters that affect the cutting quality are: cutting height, cutting nozzle model, focus position, cutting power, cutting frequency, cutting duty cycle, cutting air pressure and cutting speed. The hardware conditions are: protective lens, gas purity, plate quality, focusing lens and collimating lens.

In case of poor cutting quality, it is recommended to conduct a general inspection first. The main inspection contents and order of the general inspection are:

  1 Cutting height (It is recommended that the actual cutting height is between 0.8~1.2mm). If the actual cutting height is not accurate, calibration is required.

  2 Cutting nozzle Check whether the model and size of the cutting nozzle are used incorrectly. If they are correct, check whether the cutting nozzle is damaged and the roundness is normal.

  3 For the optical center, it is recommended to use a cutting nozzle with a diameter of 1.0 for optical center inspection. When checking the optical center, the focus should be between -1 and 1. The light spot is small and easy to observe.

  4 Protective lens Check whether the protective lens is clean, it requires no water, no oil and no slag spots. Sometimes the protective lens may be fogged due to the weather or the air is too cold.

  5 Focus Check whether the focus is set correctly. If it is an automatic focusing cutting head, you must use the mobile APP to check whether the focus is correct.

  6 Modify cutting parameters

After checking the above five items and there is no problem, modify the parameters according to the phenomenon.

How to adjust the parameters according to the phenomenon, the following briefly introduces the conditions and solutions encountered when cutting stainless steel and carbon steel.

Such as stainless steel slag, there are many types of slag. If you only need to slag on the corner, consider rounding the corner first. In terms of parameters, you can reduce the focus and increase the air pressure.

If the whole body is covered with hard slag, it is necessary to reduce the focus, increase the air pressure, and increase the cutting nozzle. However, if the focus is too low or the air pressure is too high, it will cause delamination and rough surface. If the granular soft slag is hung on the whole, the cutting speed can be appropriately increased or the cutting power can be reduced.

Cutting stainless steel may also encounter: slag on the side of the cutting end, you can check whether the gas supply is insufficient and the gas flow cannot keep up.

Cutting carbon steel generally encounters problems: the section of the thin plate is not bright enough, and the section of the thick plate is rough.

Generally speaking, a 1000W laser can cut the brightness of carbon steel not exceeding 4mm. 2000W is 6mm and 3000W is 8mm.

If you want to cut the section to be bright, you must first have a good surface without rust, paint, and oxide skin, and secondly, the oxygen purity must be at least 99.5% higher. When cutting, you need to pay attention to: use a small cutting nozzle to double layer 1.0 or 1.2, cutting speed It needs to be faster than 2m/min, and the cutting air pressure should not be too high.

If you want a good cut section of thick plates, you must first ensure the purity of the plate and gas, and then select the cutting nozzle. The larger the aperture, the better the quality of the section, but at the same time the taper of the section will be greater.

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metal laser cutting machine (4)

Laser cutting technology has become most important part of the manufacturing process and hence it accounts for 70% of laser application industry. These high precision Laser cutting Machines have successfully made their mark on in market with their great set of features and totally ruled out the traditional cutting technologies. There is a multitude of benefits these Laser cutting machines provides but I will try to list few of them for you below:

Works with wide range of materials and thickness: Laser cutting possesses the ability to cut effortlessly through a wide spectrum of materials like stainless steel, carbon and mild steel, aluminum and aluminum alloys, copper, brass, bronze, titanium, timber, acrylic, rubber and fabric. It can cut through thicknesses of 0.5mm to 25mm

Precision repeatability: High precision Laser Cutting Machines provides easy and accurate repeatability to the model maker which is highly desirable in case of mass production.

Improved Edge quality: These machines provide very clean edges as compared to conventional methods. Due to non-contact nature of this process, no wearing is caused by the tool, no mechanical force is directly imparted on the part which prevents any kind of material distortion or workpiece contamination. Heat affected zone(HAZ) is also reduced.

Easy Maintenance: Industrial Laser Cutting Machine requires very inexpensive replacement parts like nozzles and lenses which make them easy and low maintenance systems.

Lower lead time: A single Industrial laser cutting machine can cut materials of almost any size, type and shape hence it provides very less lead time.It can generate 3D shapes and complex designs on any sort of material which is somewhat difficult for traditional cutting machines. A Laser Cutting Machine consumes less energy while cutting sheet metal.

Accurate results: A Laser Cutting Machine is totally computer programmable hence generate accurate results and offers a great amount of control to the user.

Fast: High precision Laser Cutting Machines are way to faster as compared to conventional cutting machines.

The business of Industrial Laser Cutting Machines is booming day after day. If you are also thinking about purchasing one for your manufacturing unit then Triumph Laser is a place for you. Triumph Laser provides a variety of laser cutting machines like Oxy Fuel, Nitro Fuel, Sublimation, Scanner, Kiss and Robotic cutting. A customer-centric approach of Triumph Laser compels them to take a step further and provide customized laser machines perfectly suitable for your application.

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triumph mopa fiber laser marking machine samples (3)

At present, Ipad has become a popular electronic product. In order to highlight their brand, manufacturers will mark their own logo and some text information on the back of their products, and these look very beautiful and unique special brand logos, which have extremely high engraving requirements. Flat back cover Logo lettering must be ensured that there is no squeeze or wear on the back cover.

triumph mopa fiber laser marking machine samples (3)

Traditional marking technology The traditional method is to use silk screen to print on the surface. The silk screen ink is heavy, not refined enough, difficult to follow the color, and the printing effect is not ideal, and the ink composition used in the silk screen is heavy metal chemical elements, which is very serious to the environment. Pollution.

The Triumph laser marking machine is used to carry out the logo and the manufacturer’s logo on the Ipad, and the laser beam performs non-contact marking on the product. The mark is exquisite and permanent without pollution and has high anti-counterfeiting.

Triumph metal laser marking machine uses fiber laser to output laser, and then realizes marking function through high-speed scanning galvanometer system. The laser marking machine has high conversion efficiency of electro-optical light, adopts air-cooled cooling method, the whole machine is small in size, the output beam quality is good, and the reliability is high.

The fiber laser marking machine developed and produced by Triumph Laser is mainly aimed at various logos on mobile phones. Using industrial computers, it can print various characters, symbols and patterns, etc. The character size can be from millimeters to micrometers. Has a special meaning.

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tool laser marking

Laser marking uses a high-energy-density laser beam to act on the target to cause physical or chemical changes on the target surface to obtain a visible pattern marking method. The strong and permanent mark produced by the laser on the surface of the workpiece is its outstanding feature.

Fiber laser marking machine, also known as (laser typewriter, laser printer, laser marking machine), is an important application of the principle of laser processing, that is, the processed laser beam is irradiated on the surface of the material, and the light energy is instantly converted into heat energy. The surface material melts or even vaporizes instantly, forming a mark.

In recent years, laser marking technology has been applied more and more in the printing field. Fiber laser marking can be applied to a variety of materials including plastics and rubber, metals, silicon wafers, etc. Fiber laser marking machines are simple and easy to operate, as long as you understand the basics Computer knowledge can operate Wuhan laser marking machine; in the marking and printing industry, laser marking has the following characteristics:

1. Permanent; such as marking will not fade due to environmental factors (touch, acid and alkaline gases, high temperature, low temperature, etc.).

2. Anti-counterfeiting: The mark engraved by laser marking technology is not easy to imitate and change, and it has strong anti-counterfeiting to a certain extent.

3. Non-contact: Laser marking is processed by a non-mechanical “light knife”, which can print marks on any regular or irregular surface, and the workpiece will not generate internal stress after marking, ensuring the original accuracy of the workpiece. No corrosion to the working surface, no “tool” wear, no poison, no pollution, is a clean and pollution-free high environmental protection processing technology.

4. Wide applicability; using laser as a processing method, it can process a variety of metal and non-metal materials (aluminum, copper, iron, wood products, etc.).

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laser cutting for glass

With the advancement in technology Laser Cutting Machine for Glass is highly used & recommended as they are more cost-effective & time-saving options. Classical methods like diamond scribing etc were used to cut the glass which used to result in grinding, masking and etching & other tedious processes & the output had micro-cracks and therefore required high maintenance. The high powered beam cutting directs the beam throughout the length of the beam axis and thereby resulting in creating the most cost effective & rapid speed solutions.

Laser Cutting Machine for Glass produces outputs with precisely done natural tempering edge with the highest quality as they are operated with computer-directed systems. With the advancement in optical technology, high-powered CO2 lasers  with high-intensity speed is combined with surface cooling system to produce the glass and cuts of best quality & perfect fracture

Laser Cutting Machine for Glass has the following major advantages:

Produce natural tempering edge – The Laser Cutting Machine for Glass give significant smooth edges and natural finish

Superior strength –The output produced has high break strength & requires low maintenance as compared to the conventional means of glass cutting

Cost effective & rapid speed solutions. The automated & computer directed systems enable cutting helps in giving cost effective & Speedy results

Laser Cutting and Engraving Machine are mainly used for engraving Graphical designs, Company logos, and photos etc. Traditionally masking or stencils were mainly used a medium which did not provide the quality outputs in comparison to the latest laser engraving machines.

Laser engraving machines have the following major advantages:

Graphic design software: Laser Cutting and Engraving Machine basically use the graphic design software to engrave and the result is therefore automated and speedy outcome is generated

Deliver high quality & accuracy: Laser Cutting and Engraving Machines create designs with high precision & accuracy

Rapid outcome: Conventional means were majorly manual and thus the process was time-consuming. With the advancement of technology, the Laser cutting & engraving is automated and give immense time-saving benefits

Laser cutting & Engraving machines for glass creates numerous options like

  • pieces  of art
  • different types of curved windows,
  • signage,
  • ornaments
  • decorative pieces,
  • pieces used majorly in equipment & factories,
  • glass lettering
  • Engraving mugs, wine bottles, etc.
  • Personalized gifts &
  • Branded glass products the engraving gives a frosted effect with a fine finish.
  • Branding products for promotional uses
  • Engravings corporate or personal gifts
  • Vases

Laser cutting & Engraving machines for glass gives a fine finish to glass or acrylic or crystal products with frosted effects if required and offers high impact designs. The intricacy of laser cutting & engraving machines is unmatched.  Owing to the widespread benefits and numerous uses of the laser cutting and engraving machines, they are certainly the best option for glass cutting and designing.

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triumph mopa fiber laser marking machine samples (8)

Abundant 3C electronic products play various roles in people’s daily life, providing information, giving convenience, and even inspiring everyone’s creativity. In product development, lighter, thinner, and more portable are the pursuit goals of designers, which has brought continuous progress in new materials and new processes.

triumph mopa fiber laser marking machine samples (8)

In the era of mobile Internet, smart phones have become an indispensable convenient tool in our lives, and the requirements of the mobile phone manufacturing industry are getting higher and higher. At the same time, laser technology has incomparable advantages over traditional technology and adapts to the technological trend of mobile phones. Mobile phone laser marking machines have rapidly gained popularity and integration in the mobile phone industry.

Laser marking is a clean and pollution-free high-environmental processing technology. It has the advantages of non-touch carving, no deformation of the workpiece, high carving precision, high definition, and good permanence. So, where can laser marking machines be used on mobile phones?

1. Triumph fiber laser marking machine marks on the phone shell

The mobile phone shell is the most obvious place to use laser marking technology. In order to highlight their mobile phone brands, most mobile phone manufacturers will mark the merchant brand logo on the corresponding position of the mobile phone back cover. It looks very beautiful and has a special brand logo. In fact, the engraving requirements are extremely high. The logo lettering on the cover must be ensured that there is no extrusion or wear on the back cover.

2. Triumph fiber laser marking machine marks mobile phone accessories

Exquisite accessories are matched with the mobile phone, giving people a different feeling, and the mobile phone accessories processed by the laser marking machine on the mobile phone accessories, the effect seen is even more unique.

3. Triumph fiber laser marking machine marks on mobile phone accessories

The markings on mobile phone accessories are basically done by laser marking machines. Common mobile phone accessories marking include: mobile phone power adapter laser marking, mobile phone data line laser marking, mobile phone Bluetooth headset laser marking and mobile phone headsets Line laser marking machine.

4. Triumph laser marking machine marks on mobile phone chips

There are always some patterns and numbers on the chip surface for identification or other functions. The chip is characterized by small size and high integration density. Therefore, the precision requirements in the processing and marking of the chip surface are very high. With the laser With the popularization of more efficient printing methods such as printing and pad printing, automatic laser marking equipment with automatic loading and unloading functions has become the final choice for chip marking.

5. Triumph fiber laser marking machine marks mobile phone parts

With the technological progress of the microelectronics industry and people’s pursuit of personalized mobile phones, fine laser marking processing technology will play an increasingly important role in the manufacture of mobile phone parts. Common mobile phone parts marking include: mobile phone motor laser marking , Mobile phone frame laser marking, mobile phone camera module laser marking, mobile phone capacitor laser marking, and mobile phone diode laser marking, etc.

The mobile phone fiber laser marking machine developed and produced by Triumph Laser is small in size, good in output beam quality, and high in reliability; the marking is exquisite and permanent, with high anti-counterfeiting, no corrosion to the working surface, no wear, no pollution, and low production cost. It is favored by many mobile phone manufacturers.

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Desktop fiber laser marking machine

Laser engraving machines are widely used in contemporary industrial production, from wood and paper marking to metal, mobile phone keys, high-end product production and processing, marking and engraving are inseparable from laser engraving machines. With the increase in market demand and adapting to various types of raw materials, laser engraving machines are constantly being updated. my country’s laser engraving machines have also experienced a purely foreign introduction in the early 20th century to independent research and development and production today, and they are developing rapidly.

The popular name of laser engraving machine is generally laser engraving machine, laser engraving machine, laser marking machine, laser engraving machine, etc. But its professional name is called laser marking machine. Laser cutting plotter can be divided into semiconductor laser cutting plotter, YAG laser cutting plotter, CO2 laser cutting plotter, and fiber laser cutting plotter according to the different lasers.

Laser engraving machine (Optilink Laser) was introduced from abroad at the end of the 20th century. The initial laser engraving machine models were only YAG laser engraving machine and CO2 laser marking machine. Around 1998, the number of domestic laser engraving machines reached several hundred, and the laser engraving machines have been slowly accepted by people since then. Later, the semiconductor laser was invented, followed by the semiconductor laser cutting plotter. In the continuous innovation of technology, the fiber laser was invented, and the fiber laser cutting plotter came out. As the market needs water-cooled CO2 laser engraving machine because of its large size, it cannot meet the market, radio frequency water-cooled CO2 radio frequency laser engraving machine should be produced on demand. The semiconductor laser cutting plotter has the largest share in the market. Because of its moderate price, the most widely used.

Two laser marking methods

“Thermal processing” has a high energy density laser beam (it is a concentrated energy flow), irradiated on the surface of the processed material, the surface of the material absorbs the laser energy, and generates a thermal excitation process in the irradiated area, so that the surface of the material (or Coating) temperature rises, causing phenomena such as metamorphosis, melting, ablation, and evaporation.

“Cold working” (ultraviolet) photons with very high load energy can break the chemical bonds in the material (especially organic materials) or the surrounding medium to cause the material to undergo non-thermal process damage. This kind of cold processing has special significance in laser marking processing, because it is not thermal ablation, but cold peeling that does not produce the side effects of “thermal damage” and breaks chemical bonds, so it has no effect on the inner layer and nearby areas of the processed surface. Produce heating or thermal deformation. For example, in the electronics industry, excimer lasers are used to deposit thin films of chemical substances on base materials and to cut narrow grooves on semiconductor substrates.

Application of laser cutting plotter in products

CO2 laser marking machine: mainly used for non-metals (wood, acrylic, paper, leather, etc.), at a low price.

Green laser marking machine, UV laser marking machine: mainly used for high-end and ultra-fine IC products. The price is higher, and the product is customized.

Lamp pump YAG laser marking machine: mainly used for low-demand products such as metal and plastic, and the price of laser marking machine is moderate.

Semiconductor side-pumped laser marking machine: The use surface is the same as that of the lamp pumped YAG laser marking machine, but it is more stable and affordable.

Semiconductor end-pumped laser marking machine: the same surface as the lamp pump YAG laser marking machine, stable and power-saving for high-end production, the price is higher.

Fiber laser marking machine: precise marking, power saving, maintenance-free, used in high-end products such as mobile phones and buttons. The price is high.

For different materials, you must choose the corresponding laser engraving machine to get twice the result with half the effort. When using it, pay attention to the correctness of the operation. At the same time, pay attention to the maintenance of the laser engraving machine. Do not start it without water and clean the water tank regularly. Although the principle of laser engraving machine is relatively simple, general obstacles can be self-checked, but it should be noted that once the laser engraving machine is abnormal, be sure to turn off the galvanometer and the key before checking, pay attention to safety first, and encounter problems that cannot be solved. Contact after-sales maintenance in time.

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stainless steel laser marking

Laser technology has established itself as the standard for industrial material processing. By laser engraving steel, manufacturers have the ability to produce higher quality products in less time. These processes are ideal for companies involved in many different industries. At Triumph Laser, we have the expertise and knowledge necessary to assist a variety of different types of manufacturing companies with various equipment and systems.

Many metals are durable enough to withstand the rigors of laser marking. Stainless steel is one type of metal that is suitable for professional laser engraving and laser etching. Stainless steel is optimal because it allows marking directly on the surface to create images that will withstand temperature fluctuations, moisture, and even corrosive or abrasive environments. The industrial applications of this type of marking and etching make it appropriate for many different purposes.

The benefits of laser engraving stainless steel are many. For instance, customized labels can be added to stainless steel using a stainless steel engraving machine. Companies can place logos, serial numbers, bar codes, text, or any image created by graphics software onto the metal surface. With laser marking, stainless steel will never show evidence of deformation or stress points due to the special no-contact process. It’s even possible to direct the pinpointed laser equipment into the tightest areas, applying very small characters or designs to the metal.

The applications for laser engraving steel are virtually limitless. Consider marking sporting equipment such as golf clubs or baseball bats. It’s also possible to place a logo or serial number on assets and equipment owned by a company. This can be especially useful for expensive tools and parts to enable you to keep track of them. Some businesses may need to comply with government regulations for labeling. Our staff has a working knowledge of many of these regulations to enable us to assist you with recommendations for laser etching.

Triumph Laser brings a wealth of professional expertise to the world of laser equipment. We assist companies locally in Germany and worldwide. One benefit of working with Triumph Laser is our unparalleled ability to customize laser systems to match virtually any specific application within many different industries. We offer a generous selection of industrial laser systems that will meet and exceed your professional expectations. Triumph Laser works successfully with businesses in the automotive and plastics industries as well as companies in medical technology, aviation, and electronics.

Among our laser machines for sale, you’re sure to find exactly the equipment you need to purchase, no matter what sort of etching or cutting you want to perform or what material you’re working with. Triumph Laser also employs a stellar customer service staff with experts available to assist customers with every question and concern. Our staff is especially adept at helping customers sort through all of their choices in engraving equipment to find the best one to fit their unique needs or offer a custom solution. Please contact us today to speak with a member of our customer service staff, whether you need to buy a stainless steel-engraving machine or some other type of equipment.

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