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triumph mopa fiber laser marking machine samples (3)

At present, Ipad has become a popular electronic product. In order to highlight their brand, manufacturers will mark their own logo and some text information on the back of their products, and these look very beautiful and unique special brand logos, which have extremely high engraving requirements. Flat back cover Logo lettering must be ensured that there is no squeeze or wear on the back cover.

triumph mopa fiber laser marking machine samples (3)

Traditional marking technology The traditional method is to use silk screen to print on the surface. The silk screen ink is heavy, not refined enough, difficult to follow the color, and the printing effect is not ideal, and the ink composition used in the silk screen is heavy metal chemical elements, which is very serious to the environment. Pollution.

The Triumph laser marking machine is used to carry out the logo and the manufacturer’s logo on the Ipad, and the laser beam performs non-contact marking on the product. The mark is exquisite and permanent without pollution and has high anti-counterfeiting.

Triumph metal laser marking machine uses fiber laser to output laser, and then realizes marking function through high-speed scanning galvanometer system. The laser marking machine has high conversion efficiency of electro-optical light, adopts air-cooled cooling method, the whole machine is small in size, the output beam quality is good, and the reliability is high.

The fiber laser marking machine developed and produced by Triumph Laser is mainly aimed at various logos on mobile phones. Using industrial computers, it can print various characters, symbols and patterns, etc. The character size can be from millimeters to micrometers. Has a special meaning.

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