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Hand-held laser marking machine makes marking easier

The hand-held fiber laser marking machine can process corporate logos, food packaging date text, mobile phone shell patterns, anti-counterfeiting codes, barcodes and other information. Hand-held processing is also convenient for marking some large mechanical equipment or parts. Its laser marking The processing technology is very practical. Customers can save a lot of cost when using […]

The solution to the poor cutting quality of fiber laser cutting machine

For novices, they will have difficulties when encountering poor cutting quality, and they do not know how to adjust when faced with many parameters. The following briefly introduces the problems encountered and the solutions. The parameters that affect the cutting quality are: cutting height, cutting nozzle model, focus position, cutting power, cutting frequency, cutting duty […]

Benefits of High Precision Laser Cutting Machine

Laser cutting technology has become most important part of the manufacturing process and hence it accounts for 70% of laser application industry. These high precision Laser cutting Machines have successfully made their mark on in market with their great set of features and totally ruled out the traditional cutting technologies. There is a multitude of […]

Laser marking machine engraves the logo of Ipad

At present, Ipad has become a popular electronic product. In order to highlight their brand, manufacturers will mark their own logo and some text information on the back of their products, and these look very beautiful and unique special brand logos, which have extremely high engraving requirements. Flat back cover Logo lettering must be ensured […]

Non-contact permanent marking of fiber laser marking machine

Laser marking uses a high-energy-density laser beam to act on the target to cause physical or chemical changes on the target surface to obtain a visible pattern marking method. The strong and permanent mark produced by the laser on the surface of the workpiece is its outstanding feature. Fiber laser marking machine, also known as […]

Laser Cutting Machine for Glass

With the advancement in technology Laser Cutting Machine for Glass is highly used & recommended as they are more cost-effective & time-saving options. Classical methods like diamond scribing etc were used to cut the glass which used to result in grinding, masking and etching & other tedious processes & the output had micro-cracks and therefore […]

Where can the laser marking machine be used on mobile phones?

Abundant 3C electronic products play various roles in people’s daily life, providing information, giving convenience, and even inspiring everyone’s creativity. In product development, lighter, thinner, and more portable are the pursuit goals of designers, which has brought continuous progress in new materials and new processes. In the era of mobile Internet, smart phones have become […]

Classification and application of laser engraving machine

Laser engraving machines are widely used in contemporary industrial production, from wood and paper marking to metal, mobile phone keys, high-end product production and processing, marking and engraving are inseparable from laser engraving machines. With the increase in market demand and adapting to various types of raw materials, laser engraving machines are constantly being updated. […]

Laser Engraving Stainless Steel

Laser technology has established itself as the standard for industrial material processing. By laser engraving steel, manufacturers have the ability to produce higher quality products in less time. These processes are ideal for companies involved in many different industries. At Triumph Laser, we have the expertise and knowledge necessary to assist a variety of different […]