CO2 laser marking machine engraving bottle opener is more distinctive

When preparing to enjoy the wine, there is still a bottle opener. The bottle opener and the wine are inseparable as a whole. Just like “a good horse with a good saddle”, a good wine also needs a good corkscrew to match it, so that it will not spoil the good. Wine, know how to appreciate the beauty of a wine. The CO2 laser marking machine marks the corkscrew, which makes the traditional corkscrew radiant, icing on the cake, and matches with fine wines.

In life, guests come to prepare wine receptions, but find that they can’t find a corkscrew. The monotonous corkscrew is always easy to be forgotten in a corner. The laser marking machine gives the bottle opener a unique pattern, allowing you to identify its location from a distance, and bid farewell to the trouble of “wanting to find it”.

Triumph CO2 laser marking machine uses high-energy-density laser beams directly on various materials or products to make physical or chemical changes on the surface, thereby obtaining arbitrarily complex and clear and delicate patterns of marking. Laser marking can mark corporate information on the bottle opener. It is concise and exquisite, and will never be obliterated. It will not only help the brand communication, but also allow customers to add points to your business.

The perfect combination of practicality and design aesthetics redefines the bottle opener under the modern fashion trend. Laser marking perfectly embeds the original creativity into the bottle opener. Each exquisite pattern presents a unique texture. Choose the right wine, choose With the corkscrew, the most wonderful wine tasting journey can begin.

Triumph CO2 laser marking machine is widely used to engrave most non-metallic materials: paper, leather, wood, plastic, plexiglass, cloth, acrylic, wood, bamboo, rubber, crystal, jade, ceramics, glass and artificial stone, etc.

The CO2 laser marking machine uses a laser beam to make permanent marks on the surface of various materials. It can engrave exquisite patterns, trademarks, dates, LOGO or text. At present, CO2 laser marking machines are mainly used in some occasions requiring finer and higher precision. Used in food, medicine, wine, electronic components, integrated circuits (IC), electrical appliances, mobile communications, building materials, PVC pipes and other industries.

If you need to engrave the logo of your bottle opener, use a Triumph CO2 laser marking machine.

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